Purple Valise is a DANIELLEVIAU initiative that orchestrates community give back experiences.

Purple Valise showcases an organization’s sensitivity, generosity and social responsibility by creating unique, turn-key give back community experiences.

Purple Valise possesses the expertise required to manage the complexities of such a program. We conceptualize, plan and cost the experiences. We aim to create lasting memories.

These experiences are carefully orchestrated according to:
• Organizations’ goal
• Congress’ theme
• Date , group size and time availability

DANIELLEVIAU believes that an organization can differentiate itself & unleash a community spirit. Positive feelings can be engendered through various forms of giving. Purple Valise is a strategic investment in any organization’s social responsibility.

Purple Valise wishes to be a solid contributor to the tourism industry. It creates voluntourism programs that help preserve touristic and historical sites.
Give back, preserve and have fun!

Contact us to find out how we can engage your team, congress attendees, members, employees, friends… to unleash their community spirit.

To sponsor or volunteer a Purple Valise project please contact us
at 514-623-2158 or by email


BruceMcMillan, President and CEO of MPI made a most poignant statement:
As meeting professionals, we believe human connections are the most powerful forces accessible to mankind – they build community, inspire innovation, activate leadership and create opportunities!


With the help of our partners, customers and suppliers, Purple Valise will reforest one hectar of degraded land in Mirabel, Québec. The targeted land is a neglected forest comprising of two wetlands listed by Ducks Unlimited.
Reforestation will be used to recreate biodiversity while protecting wetlands. The area will be replanted with 1,800 trees comprising of the following species; red pine, white spruce, tamarack, red maple and sugar maple. In addition to environmental benefits, this planting will enable the sequestration of 600 tones of CO2 over the next fifty years.

Purple Valise is proud to launch this environmental initiative with its partner CO2 Environment and will plant trees for each of its clients.

photogauche photodroite
Outdoor spring cleaning at
La Maison Félix-Leclerc
American Justice Association is cooking away at Dans La Rue